Hearts of Iron 3 music is being scored

Hearts of Iron 3 music is being scored

Hearts of Iron 2 was a great game, but HoI3 is even bigger and more badass. Lots of music is being recorded as we speak and I am very excited to work on the Hearts of Iron franchise yet again.

Ill keep you guys updated with music clips and behind the scenes information. If you want almost daily updates follow my twitter updates here.

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14 Responses to “Hearts of Iron 3 music is being scored”

  1. Juhani Saari says:

    I’m liking what I heard from the gameplay clips published so far. Good job!

  2. admin says:

    Thanks alot Juhani, appreciate it. Hope youll like the rest of the score. 🙂

  3. RPGprayer says:

    I really like everything you’ve made so far, I’m even playing some of the music from Hearts of Iron 2 on my keyboard, haha!
    Fortsätt göra ett grymt bra arbete!/Keep up the good work, and I’ll be anticipating HoI 3 even more!

  4. Thanks alot dude… Tack så mycket! 🙂 I hope you will play some of Hearts of Iron 3 on your keyboard as well.


  5. The Creator of Failure says:

    The soundtrack of HoI2 is definitely among my favourite music, I play if very often on my PC (listening to the overture right now :P) even though I quit playing the game a long time ago.

  6. Angelos says:

    Terrific Soundtrack. It’s a pity I can’t listen to it during the game (some strange problem that messes only with the music and not the sounds). Keep up the good work Andreas!

  7. Alvaro says:

    I a serious fan of your compositions since the first HoI, and some of the Paradox games like Europa Universalis. You’ve done a great job once more with the soundtrack of Hearts of Iron III. This music touchs me very deeply and I hear it with or without the game.


  8. Thanks guys appreciate it.
    Cant tell you how much your posts mean to me.

    Angelos I do not know what could be the problem with your music not playing in-game. Probably directmusic that is acting up with a background codec or something. Have you tried contacting Paradox Tech Support?


  9. Augustus says:

    Hey wow awsome score for HoI3 man seriously theres this one song i really want to download from the game i think theres a womans voice in the backround id really appreciate its a nice slow song i hop you can post it on your page thanks!

  10. Lobanov-Rostovsky says:

    are hehe people from Russia, like me?

  11. Lobanov-Rostovsky says:


  12. Korean Game user says:

    Thank you!!

    I’m ‘HOI2’ game user, and I think you made very gorgeous music. I want to cheer you up.

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  14. Carlos says:

    Andreas, your music makes HoI3 a heavenly experience! (although HoI is a hell-war game…)

    I’m a composer too and I must confess that I really love your work. Congratulations and greetings from Mexico!

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