Majesty 2 score

Majesty 2 score

I have completed the score for Majesty 2 developed by Ino-Co which will soon to be released on pc and then later on other platforms.

I will update this post with music soon. But here is a short trailer for Majesty
YouTube Preview Image

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6 Responses to “Majesty 2 score”

  1. Roman says:

    Great job, Andreas! It was a great pleasure working with you, I’m sure everybody will love the game score 🙂

    ps: btw, cool new site design 😉

  2. Karl-Axel Lindgren says:

    The soundtrack to this game is phenomenal. Will a cd be released? I’d easily buy it.

  3. Thanks Karl-Axel i truly appreciate your kind words.
    Id love to do a soundtrack CD but Its entirely up to the publishers of the game at this point. Ill see what I can do though.

  4. Edward Tischendorf says:

    I was wondering if there are yet any news regarding the music being released on cd? Or if there is any other way of getting my hands on it?

    Edward Tischendorf

  5. Thomas Herz says:

    Hi Andreas,

    I know all your music from EU3, EUR, HOI3 and Vicky2 and must say – it really kicks ass!!!
    Great idea with the soviet music pack for HOI3, would like to buy more music packs, also for EU3, Rome and Vicky 2!

    Cant wait for Crusader Kings 2 and more of your music. Please do someting with gregorian chores and church music and something like that.

    I really hope that the soviet music pack was sold enough for bringing more music packs, also for EU3, Rome, Vicky2 and CK2 when it’s out.

    Your Rome soundtrack is really your best work ever, even much better than Rome TV series Soundtrack or Total War Rome soundtrack. The EU3 Swashbuckling Privateers or A Cruce Victoria are also really great!

    More, more, more!!!

    Kind regards

    Thomas from Germany

  6. Hi Thomas… I promise there will be gregorian chants and the like in Crusader Kings 2. And some other fun medieval ensembles, and of course the epic orchestra/choir stuff.

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