Scoring Crusader Kings 2

Scoring Crusader Kings 2

Im glad to announce that I am in the middle of scoring Crusader Kings 2, the Strategy/RPG from Paradox Interactive.

I will update you guys how the composing and recording of the soundtrack goes as it develops. I have alot of ideas and I am really excited to let you guys listen to it when I can put up samples.

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30 Responses to “Scoring Crusader Kings 2”

  1. KKp says:

    I suggest you use themes from gregorian chants in the music

  2. meanmanturbo says:

    Hey great! Crusader Kings was the first work you did for Paradox, was it not? Must be interesting for you to revisit it

  3. Vicente de Lisboa says:

    Masses man! Masses!

  4. Mr Waldetoft I’ve listened to your music in the lets plays of CK2 on youtube. They sound amazing. For the religious side of the soundtrack I suggest Urbs Jersualem Beata. If you remember the monks chanting it in the movie The Name of the Rose, it’s really beautiful. You can check it out here

    I wish you all the best Mr Waldetoft. Happy holidays!

  5. Hi Serban! CK2 soundtrack has been with me quite a few months now and I cant wait for the game to release. Ive heard all those music clips you refer to and I agree that they really have the right mood.
    Have a Happy new year.

  6. Ivan says:

    Hi Mr Waldetoft,

    Listening to the soundtrack from the CK2 demo. Music is great.

    Your fan since Hearts of Iron 2,

  7. Gustav says:

    Been playing through about 200 years of Crusader Kings 2 now. I love the soundtrack, it seems perfect for the setting and sounds very authentic. Thank you.

  8. Si Di says:

    Sir, an amazing job you did. The soundtrack of CK2 is fit the game theme about Middle Ages. Music is beautiful~! Thank you~!

  9. Jean-Marc says:

    Just got CK2 and the music is simply awesome! Thank you. I hope you’ll sell it on Itune like Victoria 2 cause I can’t wait to listen to it while I ride the bus to work. Amazing work!

  10. Adrian says:

    I have to say congrats on CK2 music, this is my favorite soundtrack, the music is just so epic and fitting, I don’t know it just makes you feel it, anyway enough of my rambling kudos and good luck in any future project.

  11. Gnawer says:

    Hello there Andreas.
    I just started playing CK2 recently and I instantly fell in love with Horns of hattin and aftermath. Who plays the music and sings the lyrics? I mean, there must be some real people in there somewhere..? 🙂

  12. Antonio says:

    Hi there Andreas!

    Absolutely fantastic work on CK2! Just love it. Congratulations on the great work.
    I have the exact same question as Gnawer above. Who sings the lyrics for Horns of Hattin and Aftermath? Can you share the lyrics? I would love to understand what they’re singing about


  13. Hi Gnawer, thank you for your kind words. I recorded a local church choir for alot of the choir parts in the CK2 soundtrack. In that particular song they are the choir and im singing the solo tenor parts myself.

    The Lyrics is repeated:
    Non Nobis Non Nobis Domine,
    Sed Nomini Tuo Da Gloriam.

  14. Hi Antionio, thank you so very much for your words. Appreciate you taking the time to write it. Please check my answer to Gnawer below for the short lyrics that is repeated.

  15. David says:

    Hello, Mr.Waldetoft!
    As amazing as the game is, so is the soundtrack. I fell in love with Horns of Hattin and the aftermath. I have a question though. You said the hymn Non Nobis repeats for the choir, however it sounds a little different at certain parts until 3:15. Am I mistaken or is the lyric slightly different? If so, could you kindly write it down?

  16. Barbarosa222 says:

    Crusader Kings 2 is your best work! I did not think every soudtrack will have so epic part and it is original, not copied from some others composers… once again great work!

  17. Thanks alot David, sorry for the late answer ive missed your question.

    Non Nobis, Non Nobis Domine,
    Tuo Da Gloriam
    Requiem Aeternam Donaeis Domine,
    Sed Nomine Gloriam

  18. Thanks so much Barbarosa, I am glad that CK2 turned out as it did.

  19. David says:

    Haha, checking back every so often paid off!

    Thank you for the answer, Mr.Waldetoft.

    Your delayed answer is perfectly understandable.

  20. Jonathan says:

    I love your song te donimum. Could you share the lyrics for it? Your music is wonderful-keep writing!

  21. Amaury says:

    Hi dear Monsieur Waldetoft!

    I would like to thank you for your awesome job !
    Every friends who played to crusader kings 2 with me are stoned with your soundtrack. I can’t stop listening your sounds.
    It rythms my days

    I say just a great Merci from France !

    Good luck for the future !

    PS: Excuse me for my faults.

  22. Andrew says:

    Your music in CK2 is outstanding. Exceptional work and you should be proud.

  23. Andreas Waldetoft says:

    Thanks guys for your awesome support. You guys made my day.

  24. Roplox says:

    Your music is best and the music dlc are getting ever better. They are expectionally authentic and amazing sounds.

  25. Evan Taylor says:

    I know this topic is now quite old, but you really deserve my congratulations and my admiration for your work. Your songs are just amazing, and you even sang the solo part of the “Horns of Hattin and the aftermath”, so you also are a very talented singer with a perfect latin pronunciation.

    I don’t know you, but I like you very much. Thanks a lot for your work, I wish you the best for your future.

  26. Magnus Jägestedt says:

    Thank you so much for all the wonderful music in crusader kings 2 Mr Waldetoft, I have played the game for some time now and all your wonderful music sets the mood perfectly for this game.
    Horns of Hattin and aftermath is my favorite

  27. Alex says:

    Hello mr. Waldetoft. Thank you for all the music in crusader kings 2. You creates an indescribable atmosphere and without such music and this would not be. Can you share the lyrics “legacy of rome” this song is so epic and amazing!!!!!

  28. Thure says:

    Hey! What are the lyrics for the Main Theme (The King’s Crusade)?

    And your songs are awesome! If you do more songs with Holy Orders as theme eventually… Could you use ‘Christ ist erstanden’ as lyrics? It was the battle song of the Teutonic Knights especially at the battle of Tannenberg.

  29. Thure1234 says:

    Hey! What are the lyrics for the Main Theme (The King’s Crusade)?

    And your songs are awesome! If you do more songs with Holy Orders as theme eventually… Could you use ‘Christ ist erstanden’ as lyrics? It was the battle/victory song of the Teutonic Knights especially at the battle of Tannenberg.

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