Crusader Kings 2 – Songs of the Caliph music DLC released

Crusader Kings 2 – Songs of the Caliph music DLC released

The CK2 music DLC Songs of the Caliph is released. You can get it by clicking the DLC button in Crusader Kings 2.

11 minutes of arabic orchestral music to be played while playing muslim.

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6 Responses to “Crusader Kings 2 – Songs of the Caliph music DLC released”

  1. Mr Waldetoft, the additional songs you’ve created are breathing, naked, vibrant, and awe inspiring. They are simply beautiful. In my opinion CK2 is not only an awesome game, but a game which brings much light and understanding upon the history of mankind, and we live in times where communication and empathy are being sabotaged by various interest groups who desire cultural divides. The cold war was about ideological divides, now it’s about religious and cultural ones. CK2 bridges these issues by providing players with the experience of the two cultures, and your divine music makes that empathy and respect come alive. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for that.

  2. Serban, thank you so much for your kind words. I have so enjoyed doing all the additional music for CK2 and I hope Paradox will ask me to do more, I have already done some that will come in the future, I cant tell you what though. 🙂
    You do speak wisely about the history of mankind and I agree and I hope people can take it to heart.
    Thank you.

  3. Robert Bruce says:

    Dear Mr Waldetoft,
    I find it difficult to express myself in words as I listen to your so well composed music. I recently was give a demo copy of the game of Victoria 2. I managed to put the music onto a CD for me and my wife to listen to. It is so awe inspiring and peacefull. My wife, who is a artist, loves painting while listening to the music of your. Over and over.
    Thank you so very much and hope to hear more some day.

    Robert and Naomi

  4. Dear Robert, thank you so much for taking the time to write to me. I am so honored that you and your wife is listening to my music. I have indeed alot more music being released, although not in the Victorian era. My regards to you and your wife.


  5. Luis Garcia says:

    Mr. Waldetoft,

    Like the other people who have responded above, I am absolutely blown away at both your flexibility and skill with combining different cultures with the Crusader Kings main themes, but especially with that of the “Songs of the Caliph”. While “Songs of the Old Gods” might be tied with my favourite music DLC along with this one, “Songs of the Caliph” was what made me a die-hard Paradox Interactive fan. At this point, I go back to Crusader Kings II not necessarily for the gameplay, but because of the music. In Europa Universalis IV, I play the Ottoman Empire and the Byzantine Empire simply for the music. I love the games, yes, but your music is what brings it all together, and I thank you.


  6. cibi says:

    could you compose for my tamil short film….
    it is an fantasy film based on religion and unemployment

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