Victoria 2:

Hooked Gamers

“Well, the background music is actually outstanding. The orchestral tunes really put the grand scale of the game into perspective and fit in marvelously.”

Games Relay

“One thing about the presentation that immediately makes an impact is the strong musical score. It sets the tone beautifully, with period-style string and brass compositions that are both spritely and majestic.”

Majesty 2:


“epic soundtrack worthy of Peter Jackson’s films”


“The game’s music is incredible. The soundtrack of the game is so good and that I would consider buying it if it gets released. It has a catchy orchestral fantasy style that really draws the player in. It’s actually comparable with the music in Lord Of The Rings.”


“A fitting and marvellous soundtrack”

Hearts of Iron 3:
Diehard GameFAN

“Mr.Waldetoft hands out another superb soundtrack for Hearts of Iron III.
To quickly sum up the style of music in the game, think of the soundtrack of Saving Private Ryan or Band of Brothers and you have a general idea of what the music sounds like, with the significant difference being that the music in the game sounds a bit more “grand” or “epic” as it’s covering the rise and fall of nations instead of the struggles of a small group of men.”

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